After Belgium - The Orderly Split-Up
After Belgium - The Orderly Split-Up
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After Belgium - The orderly split-up

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door Gerolf Annemans en Steven Utsi

This is the title of the English translation of a much debated Vlaams Belang book, which is actually a blueprint on how to end the Belgian impasse by unilaterally declaring Flemish sovereignty and starting negotiations on the dissolution of the kingdom.

The authors are Gerolf Annemans, the leader of the Vlaams Belang group in the Belgian Federal Parliament and Steven Utsi, head of the Vlaams Belang Research Department.

Many people believe that the last chapters of the Belgian saga are being written at this very moment. As the only consistent independence party, Vlaams Belang has always lead the way towards Flemish independence. We still set the tone today and campaign for a neat and tidy dismemberment of Belgium, without chaos, which is in the best interest of the citizens in Flanders and Wallonia and in the capital of Europe.